The Real Estate Candy Shop 
for Real Estate Investing

A terrific new real estate investing book titled: The Real Estate Candy Shop: Discover Your Sweetest Real Estate Investment Strategy, has just been released. 

My friend Robert Weissman who is an attorney and real estate investor. Had a great idea of assembling a top group of real estate experts and writing a book. The book is broken down into two main parts.

In Part 1 each chapter gives a short overview of a different aspect of investing. With this short overview it gives you a chance to get an overall view of real estate investing. Which allows you to select the right candy for your own personal real estate investing.

In Part 2 the book goes into how to maximize and protect your investments. This is a very important aspect in investing, learning how to protect what you acquire. After all the work you've done to acquire property, you don't want to lose it in a legal battle.

This is a terrific introduction to real estate investing, as each chapter is about one aspect or type of investing. so you can get a quick overview into many areas of investing.

I have contributed Chapter 1 on "subject-to" investing. It talks about how you can buy houses with little or no money. Also if you have poor or no credit you can still buy real estate.

If you read until the end of Chapter 1, in The Real Estate Candy Shop, I have a very special offer for you.

No matter if you have already decided to become a real estate investor, or maybe just interested in exploring the idea.

Click the link below to order it now! Available in both Kindle and Paperback.

The Real Estate Candy Shop: Discover Your Sweetest Real Estate Investment Strategy.

real estate candy shop