The Real Estate Candy Shop
Book Launch

WOW, It was a couple years in the making but it's finally here! It's very exciting to see my name on a book. Well at least for me it was.

We finally had the big book launch for "The Real Estate Candy Shop", at the Westin Hotel by LAX which was put on by: Viki Winterton and Expert Insights​ Publishing. They did an awesome job. It was a great day which was both very informative and entertaining and at times touching.

Some of the big names there were Morgan James Publishing, Senator Omer Rains, Rick Fishman, Brian Whetten, Ph.D. They all shared some wonderful insights into the writing and publishing business.​

There were several books launched, from various fields. The one that was most touching was about cancer and the struggles not only of the cancer survivors, but the families​. As I have experienced personally as a family member.

Chuck congdon receiving award for The Real Estate Candy Shop

I had never been to a book launch before since I've never written anything,  so I had no idea what to expect. It was a great day and very interesting, meeting all the authors and hearing their stories.​

It made me want to write my own creative real estate investing book​. Since I already have one chapter published I guess I'm on my way.

Maybe it was the red carpet and photographers​.

We even won the Eippy Award for best seller.​

real estate candy shop Eippy Award

Some of the authors in the book are: Steve Love, Wendy Patton, Sean O'Toole, Dave Lindahl, Dan DeAngelo and 16 others.

Some of the topics covered are: subject to, lease options, mobile homes, foreclosures, tax liens, self storage, multi-family properties, probate, land and many others.​

​If you are interested or just curious about creative real estate investing and want a good overview of the different avenues in real estate investing, get the book.

At the end of my chapter (Chapter 1) I make you an offer you might be interested in.​ A FREE 30 minute NO Obligation consultation on whatever aspect of real estate you want to talk about.

You can get your copy of The Real Estate Candy Shop, from Amazon, by clicking on the book in the sidebar to the right.​  It's available in both paperback and kindle format.