Kristy B.Teacher

Steve LoveProsperity Through Real Estate

As a real estate investor, he’s absolutely top notch. He’s bought many properties on both the east and west coasts and very profitably. He not only knows the business from the buy & sell arena, but he also is an excellent manager in the buy & hold field.

One needs to choose carefully when picking a joint venture partner. I’ve personally partnered with Chuck before and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Plus I’ve made a ton of money partnering with him. Not only is he very knowledgeable and experienced, but he’s a darn hard worker as well.

Patti N.

I attended Chuck's Real Estate investor talk at the Love's RE Club. It was great! My Mom, before her death, became a multi-million dollar RE investor, just as a result of doing it as a hobby. I'd helped her do many things in her investing adventures, but didn't feel I had enough knowledge to follow in her footsteps. It was part just not understanding that it was less complicated than it seemed, if you knew how to do it, but also my fear of contracts and of all the pitfalls I could get into.

I saw my Mom get into lawsuits and all kinds of other problems from not being educated in the area and it caused her a great deal of misery. So, after two years plus of attending RE seminars and clubs and feeling frustrated that I still didn't know where to start, something in Chuck's seminar just went PING! He showed a chart of all these various ways to approach RE investing, and isolated the one he'd started with and why. And it just set my mind in place. I knew where to start for the first time. I was able to decide and start taking action for the first time because his criteria just fit what I wanted and it was so simple. He also assuaged my fears about contracts and falling on my face when getting started.

Now I'm excited to get started. I know what I need to do and I don't feel I'm holding myself back anymore. Thanks SO MUCH, Chuck!! With Great Appreciation,

Ronnie Baras RE Investor / Hypnotist

I have known Chuck Congdon for almost 10 years. His wealth of real estate knowledge is extremely extensive. More importantly, his experience as a real estate investor makes him a fantastic resource of knowledge and advice. He has always been a great sounding board whenever I have a question about real estate investing. I highly recommend him as a coach and teacher to anyone interested in becoming successful as a real estate investor.