Real Estate Investing Dreams
Don't Ever Give Up

This is a video I did several years ago while on vacation. The quality isn't great but I think it has a important message.

Like with any profession real estate investors don't start of as huge successes. It will take work, training and your ability to stay focused on your desired outcome.

I started investing after a divorce and was living in my friend's office​. The green arrow was where my bedroom was.

Even living here I never gave up on my real estate investing dreams.

Then as I was sitting alone one night an investor friend of mine called me. We talked about my situation and said we should develop a plan together. We did and I stayed focused and in 3 years, I bought the house of my childhood dreams, which is below. It was slightly bigger than the office.

Thanks to creative real estate investing I bought this house.
my house with deer and turkeys in the front yard

The key is to know what your goal is and exactly the type of property you want to buy. I hear too many new real estate investors ​say "I'm just looking for a deal" What does that mean?

You need to define how you can acquire property. So you must get some education on creative real estate investing and ways to acquire property. An example is you are not going out and paying cash for property if you are broke​.

Real estate investing isn't difficult, but it would really help you, to work with a mentor to help guide you on the journey.​ Believe me it's much cheaper that you think compared to the cost of making a mistake. It's very easy to lose $10-20,000 on a deal if you make a mistake.

It's the old problem of not knowing what you don't know, where someone with more investing experience ​could easily spot the problem before you buy. Which can save you from a real mess such as lawsuits and loss of money and time.

Most important is that you'll make more money faster, if you are serious and apply ​yourself.

If you have an interest in real estate investing and would like to explore it further, click here and fill out the form.  I'll contact you​ to set up a time so we could spend about 30 minutes on the phone together. All for free and with absolutely no obligation on your part.