How to Invest in Real Estate
with No Money

You hear a lot about, how to invest in real estate with no money, but can it actually be done? If so how can you accomplish it?

If you were to just go out and ask the average person the question. "Could you show me how to invest in real estate with no money?" They would more than likely say no or you can't do that here. They might even think you're crazy.

Especially if you were to ask the average real estate agent or professional.​

Does this mean that it is not possible; that you could invest in real estate with no money? NO! It only means that they don't know how to do it!

Obviously or maybe not so obvious to some, there are thousands of real estate investors across the country, that are doing exactly that every day!

We tend to discount or discredit the things that we don't understand or know how to do. It seems to be human nature.

If we don't have any knowledge or understanding of a subject, we tend to reject almost any new idea at first. We also want to believe we are open minded, which seems contradictory.

We aren't really taught how to think creatively, society wants us to fit into this excepted box and think like everyone else. In school, they just want us to be able to regurgitate the information back the way it was taught.

It is the same in most jobs, people have the attitude that this is how we have always done it, so why change now.

Now, you have decided to look into creative real estate investing. Which goes against the grain of society. Now you need to become a problem solver to help people and to acquire houses or property.

People come up against financial problems with their personal lives for numerous reasons. This can affect the real estate that they live in or own as a rental. Many of these problems can't be solved inside the traditional box.

how to invest in real estate with no money

As a creative real estate investor, it's your job to help solve people's problems with houses they need to dispose of. You are like a doctor; they tell you where it hurts and hope that you can show them how to solve the problem. 

You must solve the problem so that it is beneficial to both the buyer and seller.​

The more you learn and study this field of creative real estate investing the more you can serve the people who need your help.

As real estate investors, we are NOT just trying to take advantage of people in trouble.

So lets take a look at some ways that you that you might be able to learn on:

How to Invest in Real Estate With No Money​

Lets look at several ways that you can use to help sellers and acquire property.

Have the seller carry the paper (you'll make payments to them). You need to structure the payments in a way, that the rent from the property is enough monthly income to pay all the expenses.​ So you must know what you can rent the property for.

Another way would be to lease the property from the seller with the right to sublease the house to a tenant. Again making sure the property's rent can cover all payments. You will not OWN the property but will have control of it with the goal of acquiring ownership down the road.

Lease-Option is another variation of above, the difference is you would now have the option to purchase the property at a future date at a specific price.

Taking the property in what is called, subject to. What this means is that you will be taking title to the property, subject to the existing debt on which you will make the payments.

A pure option where you can get control of the property for very little money and have a contract, to purchase the property at some agreed amount ​on a future date.

There are many, many ways to own property with little or no money involved. This was just a very quick view of what is possible. The more you learn the more you will be able to help sellers and by helping them you can create a financial freedom for yourself and your family.

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