How to Get Free Leads for
Real Estate Investors

This was my first try at a video post from several years ago showing how you can get free leads. It is titled How to Get Free Leads for Real Estate Investors.

The quality is somewhat lacking but the information is good.​ Plus being on camera is a little nerve racking at first, but we have to start somewhere. As in everything, the key is to start and improve with experience.

This video shows you how to get free leads for finding great deals on property, all for free.

There are lots of sources for getting leads which are paid, but I'm now all that sure they are that much better.

When you are just starting as a real estate investor and have a small budget this is a terrific source to find leads.

Most title companies have a service like this at least all the major ones such as Chicago, First American, Fidelity, etc. If it is not and online version you can get the same information by calling the service department. There are a few things you need to know and how to ask for it, I'll do another post for that. 

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